UAB „ELICS Engineering” – provides the highest quality services, operates in an open and honest manner and practices advanced management methods in order to become the leading company in electrical engineering industry. Company pays exceptional attention to health and safety, welfare of employees and environment protection.

Certification- In order to achieve our strategic goals, we rely on the quality, safety and environmental management systems certified in compliance with  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. Such standards allow us to continuously improve our services, health and safety practices and effectively use our resources with reduced impact on the environment.

Our vision

To become an exclusive, customer-selected company and professional services provider that continuously builds long-term relationships with clients in Lithuania and Europe.

Our mission

To provide the highest quality services to the energy sector and act responsibly and professionally. We always seek to improve the quality of our service by fulfilling customer’s needs and expectations.

It is important for us to continuously improve the working conditions of our employees and ensure a constant development of the company.

Our values

Foundation of our activities are based on these values:

Responsibility – We respect our customers, respect the environment and protect human health. We adhere to ethical standards and fulfill our obligations;

Progress – We always look for new opportunities and follow advanced management practices. We strive for excellence in order to ensure the highest level of competency. Innovation is an integral part of our business;

Employees – We encourage healthy work competition and seek to create the safest work environment. Our competency, teamwork skills and industrial knowledge makes us stand out from other companies.   We provide personal development and career opportunities for every team member at our company.

Collaboration – We pay an exceptional attention to the needs of our customers. We actively work with every client, share common knowledge and promote healthy and stable partnerships. We strive to fulfil every customer’s expectations, needs and create and added value to their businesses.

Reliability – Your goals are our goals. We are growing company that can be fully trusted.

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