Elics Engineering Products

RAM-2 is an small, lightweight IoT asset monitoring device. It’s  easy to retrofit, and will acquire, process machine and production data and then pass it on to a local or cloud-based system. Equipped with analog and digital inputs, internal energy meter, widely used industrial RS485 interface, M-BUS interface and various network connectivity options it covers most of industrial machinery remote monitoring cases without additional hardware.

  • Scalable automation
  • Minimize downtime
  • Redundant by design
  • Interoperable with most industry standards
  • Rugged, fanless design

Consumer-grade usability with industrial-level durability to provide faster, clearer access to data.

  • Reduced Footprint  The right-sized I/O for the right job allows closer location to instrumentation.
  • Improved Availability Options for hot-swapability, network and system redundancy, and conformal coating, improves availability.
  • Improved Visibility Match the right level of diagnostics to the task with real-time health monitoring across all platforms.
  • Improved ROI Right I/O for the job reduces component cost, installation time, and commissioning efforts, which maximize RO
  • Full range of options and accessories – 19 managed, unmanaged and PROFINET enabled switches for widest range of applications.
  • Intelligent switches – Support SNMP, link layer discovery protocol (LLDP), local command line interface (CLI) configuration and diagnostics interface, ring or ring-and-subring topologies on some models.
  • PROFINET-enabled – Can be configured and managed by PAC Machine Edition (PME) just like a I/O drop making it easier to manage the entire control network, including the switches, without the need of IT personnel.
    Advanced Security – Validated through defense-in-depth security standards.