RAM-2 is an small, lightweight IoT asset monitoring device. It’s  easy to retrofit, and will acquire, process machine and production data and then pass it on to a local or cloud-based system. Equipped with analog and digital inputs, internal energy meter, widely used industrial RS485 interface, M-BUS interface and various network connectivity options it covers most of industrial machinery remote monitoring cases without additional hardware.


  • AI up to 6 for various sensors current 0-20mA, voltage 0-10V, temperature PT100.
  • DI up to 6 for equipment condition monitoring and impulse counters for products, water, material metering.
  • Internal three phase 1/5A current transformer operated electrical meter for equipment energy consumption, power, current, voltage monitoring.
  • RS458 interface for external equipment monitoring using Modbus RTU protocol.
  • M-BUS master interface up to 10 slaves for heat, water, gas meter connection.
  • WEB interface for device configuration locally and remotely without additional software.
  • MQTT data transfer to local or remote cloud server using various connectivity options Ethernet, GSM/LTE, Wi-Fi.