Industry-leading controllers offering unmatched visibility and control, reduce downtime and increase productivity

PACSystems™ RSTi-EP

  • Speaking the Same Language;
  • Advanced Security;
  • Small Footprint, Big Impact;
  • Rugged Form Factor.

PACSystems™ RX3i CPE400 and CPL410

The 400 and 410 have up to 768 programming blocks available
Linux software
PACEdge Default Software Components MQTT Broker,
Node Red, SQLLite database,
OPC-UA Client, Python script
interpreter, Portainer (Docker)

PACSystems™ VersaMax™

  • Flexibility;
  • Flexible Communications from Serial to Ethernet;
  • Big Features in a Compact Package;
  • Improve Productivity;
  • Simplified Programmingfor PLCs;
  • Scalability.